Gym Workout Routines for Women


Keeping oneself in good shape has numerous benefits. It helps the body stay healthy and fit, and keeps you looking good at the same time. Women are just as much concerned about their fitness as men in today’s world, and are dedicated to the cause of staying in shape in a similar manner. There are various different exercises that are designed to target specific parts of the body and strengthen them. Gym workout routines for women are a wide category and contain a whole host of different methods to stay in shape.

Gym Workout Routines For Women

Gym workout routines for women are composed of two different varieties of work outs, namely cardio training and strength training. Cardio training focuses on the loss of excess fat through exercises such as running, cycling, jumping and more. These help to burn down the fat that has built up in your body, while promoting and increasing your stamina and breathing capacity as well, by making the muscles involved in respiration stronger. The most common methods of cardio are running on the treadmill and cycling. Start off with 2 sets each of 10 minutes alternating between the two. Follow it up with a round of using the stepper, which basically involves you taking a step forwards upwards and then back down, similar to climbing the same stair over and over again. If you want, swimming is also an excellent option and one of the best methods of cardio exercise.


Cardio exercises must be balanced with strength training exercises in the gym workout routines for women. Too much of either is not a good thing, which is why the best option is to dedicate one day to each. Strength training exercises concentrate on building up lean muscle, thereby increasing your metabolism to a good level and toning up your body as well. Strength training exercises have a large variety, and the beginners should stick to chest press, shoulder press, leg press, rowing, light dumbbell training, and crunches. Each of these is designed to target a specific muscle group, and helps to tighten the muscle and build it up slowly. You need not worry about gaining too much, since women naturally have lesser muscle-building hormones. Start off with a couple of sets of eight reps for each exercise, and once sufficiently comfortable with it, you can increase the sets or the amount of reps depending on what suits you best.

All of these exercises must be supplemented with the correct varieties of stretching in order to loosen the muscles sufficiently prior to and after the gym workout routine for women has been completed. Not stretching before or after can be the cause of cramps and muscle tightness, which is generally extremely painful. Stretching helps get the body ready for the workout. Don’t let your weight catch up to you and make you feel like there is no hope. Join a gym and watch the pounds tumble one after the other, rejuvenating your health like never before.