Workout routine for Women


Women can definitely attest to exactly how difficult it is to find the correct workout that suits their body type and helps them shed the pounds. It can be a difficult job to identify which exercises suit you the best, and work in the correct way to help you lose weight from the right areas. Outlining a few of the basic workout routine for women is a necessity, and that is exactly what is about to be done here. The following exercises work well with women of all categories, and have a universal application towards the loss of excess stored up fat.

Workout Routines For Women

The best workout routine for women employs a combination of both cardio and strength building exercises, which are complemented by the right amount of stretching and yoga at the same time. All of these come together to provide you with the perfect lean frame that you crave for, and lets you slip into your favorite dresses with ease. Cardio is an important aspect, and the best way to shed pounds quickly is by high-intensity interval training, where you use a particular method for a shorter period of time at a higher intensity. Treadmill, bike, and cross-trainer are the most common, while you can also opt for the jump rope if you wish to incorporate it into your workout routine.

The main factors are the strength training exercises. These are the ones that help to shape the body in a better way, and provide you with the frame you desire. Some of the most effective workout routines for women incorporate some or more of the following exercises in the strength category. Single-leg deadlifts are particularly useful for toning down the gluteal muscles, and involve standing still on one leg while moving the other back as far as possible. Rinse and repeat with the other leg.


Pushups are one of the most consistent exercises, and an ever-present part of any workout routine for women. It helps in eliminating excess fat from all over the body, including the arms, stomach and legs. If you want to tone down the stomach and get the perfect waist, then try the side plank. This requires you to lie on one side while propping your body up on one forearm and raising your body. Maintain the position for 30 seconds and then turn and do the same on the other side. Trimming down on shoulder fat is also a requirement, and the triceps extension, in which you lift your arm backwards in a straight fashion, while carrying some weight, really helps in cutting down the weight there.

Workout routines for women are diverse in nature and require careful planning. However, choose any one of those mentioned above and successfully incorporate them in your routine. They are all tried and tested methods, and are guaranteed to help you achieve your dream of a healthier, fitter, and streamlined body. This not only helps your image, but also your health and well-being.