Weekly Workout Routine for Women


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There is a multitude of ways to plan out your weekly workout routine for women. The most important aspect of this planning that has to be kept in mind, is that equal time should be given to each and every muscle group. This prevents any one particular muscle from getting over-trained or exhausted, which can lead to cramps and muscle pains. Instead, a balanced workout can reap rich dividends, and allow you to get a healthier version of yourself up and running. All it requires is some careful thought, and a lot of dedication to the cause.

Weekly Workout Routines For Women

Equal timing for each muscle group has a whole host of ways that are beneficial to your entire system. It helps build up the muscle or break down the fat in each area evenly, thereby not causing a sudden shift in the proportions of one’s body. The main categories are the arms, legs, back, chest, abs, and shoulders. These are the main parts that require dedicated focus, and constitute the basis of building a healthy and well-maintained body. Cardio exercises are also a requirement, as they help to break down the lactose buildup in our muscles, which can contribute to some initial pains. However, once you get used to it, the sky is the limit and all that you need to do is maintain your weekly workout routine for women.

Arm workouts include exercises such as pushups, triangle pushups, arm lifts and light weight dumbbell training. Each exercise ought to be performed in sets of two when you start, but once your endurance builds up, you can opt to add more sets to your weekly workout routine for women. Leg workouts are also an area that requires attention, since thighs store a large amount of fat. Lunges and squats form the primary core of leg workouts, while jumping jacks and leg raises can also be added later on. The same rule of starting off with sets of two applies here as well.

Getting the perfect waistline and abs is a dream for many a female across the globe. Dedicating a single day to this muscle group is a must if you want to slim down your waistline and trim down on the pounds. Crunches, cross-crunches, and in a smaller way, push-ups all contribute to tightening up your core and shedding the weight. A weekly workout routine for women needs to encompass all the avenues of exercises, including cardio and proper stretching and yoga. Loosening up your muscles before beginning a workout is always a great idea.

At the end of the day, the whole thing boils down to your dedication to the cause. Losing weight and getting that perfect figure isn’t something that is easily achieved. You need to invest in a weekly workout routine for women and put the effort into it in the form of sweat and tears. It may seem difficult at first, but pretty soon, it becomes routine. And then the perfect figure becomes a very achievable goal.


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